Tarang Patel, I am a certified Microsoft specialist

Tarang Patel is a certified Microsoft specialist and has been making the most of it. He is the founder and CEO of Elitecm, an award-winning WordPress and web hosting company that specializes in providing web hosting and development services to its clients.

According to Tarang, he was always interested in computer literacy ever since he was a kid. He earned several certifications in the field of software engineering including Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE). In addition to these certifications, he also completed his studies from prestigious institutes such as National Institute of Technology (NIT), Ahmedabad and Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai.

Talking about his experience as a certified Microsoft specialist, Tarang had this to say: “I have worked with businesses of all sizes ranging from startups to Fortune 500 organizations. During my time as a Microsoft specialist, I’ve encountered different challenges including the use of complex software tools, the need for programming proficiency and digital marketing knowledge. I’m confident that I can help businesses achieve their goals using the latest technologies available in the market.”

By furthering his knowledge and capabilities through Microsoft certifications, Tarang has developed a passion for technology and is an excellent resource for companies looking to utilize Microsoft’s many products. His expertise has enabled Elitecm to become a trusted name among companies based out of India seeking first-class IT services.

If you or your organization are looking for reliable IT services from an experienced professional, then Tarang Patel is definitely worth a look!

Today, Tarang Patel, a Microsoft specialist and an expert in the field of technology, announced that he has obtained his certification as a Microsoft specialist. This is exciting news for the tech community as Tarang’s experience and expertise in the industry are invaluable.

Tarang Patel has a long history of being a problem solver in the tech sphere. He has been active in the field since receiving his undergraduate degree in Computer Science. He worked on some of the biggest projects in recent times, debugging complex code for corporate giants such as Microsoft, Dell, and Apple. His dedication and hard work eventually led him to be an integral part of the team behind several significant technological advancements in the past decade.

The Microsoft certification makes Tarang Patel an official expert in Microsoft applications and technologies. This credential qualifies him to provide insights and solutions related to software development, architecture, deployment, optimization, security, and other areas of expertise. Moreover, he is capable of identifying problems and resolving them before they become larger problems for companies -something non-certified professionals cannot do legally.

Tarang explains that seeking out certifications not only allows you to stay relevant to employers but also gives you opportunities to network with experts in your field who can give you valuable advice when needed. It also gives you a heads up on any new technologies that may be available and trends that are gaining traction. Tarang is extremely passionate about his career and hopes to use his knowledge and expertise to help even more people take advantage of technology’s incredible potential for success.

Overall, having received his Windows certification from Microsoft certainly puts Tarang Patel at the top of the list of tech talent. He continues to prove why he is considered one of the best specialists in the business today. Congratulations to Tarang!