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.NET Trends to dominate in 2021: Top Frameworks for Web Development

Microsoft ASP.NET is a set of technologies built on top of the Microsoft .NET framework to create web applications. This one of the most widely used web frameworks; ASP.NET is a widely used tool for website, web, and mobile application development. When you hire Asp.net Developer or hire Asp.Net MVC Developer they also commonly use the platform in order to build mobile websites, as well as web APIs. It has a lot of amazing features that will enable connectivity with web apps, software, and programming languages using the framework. This is exactly why .NET Web Application Development is one of the most demanded services in the web industry nowadays.

Choosing the right frameworks can be a difficult task and for you here are the best frameworks that will help you out:


React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook for creating mobile applications in iOS, web, android, etc. React Native is becoming popular among developers to create mobile applications. Normally, you need to code and develop your mobile app using Java (for Android) and Swift/Obj-C (for iOS) but React Native removes that requirement, leading to fully functional apps on both platforms in much less time and using just one coding language.


AngularJS is an open-source front-end development framework used to develop well-architecture and easily maintainable web applications. Its innate quality to support two-way data binding and testing ability also makes it more secure, robust, and easy to maintain.

Two-Way Data Binding: In two-way data binding, any changes made in the view it will reflect in the model, similarly changes made in the model it will reflect in the view. It is a two-way process.

MVC: MVC or Model-View-Controller architecture. The MVC architecture comprises three important elements, the model, view, and controller.

Scope: A Scope is a JavaScript object that sits inside the model, and delivers data to the view. They act as the glue between controller and view.

Controllers: AngularJS Mainly Depends On Controllers To Control The Flow Of The Data In The Application.

Cloud Service

Cloud service has been booming in the market because it provides a large amount of storage capacity. A large amount of data can be stored and accessed from anywhere and at any time around the world. Microsoft has implemented a cloud-based solution for businesses i.e., Microsoft Azure.

Blazor Framework

Blazor is a free, open-source, and one of the hottest frameworks to build outstanding web apps using an assortment of C#, Razor, and HTML. It allows developers to create interactive User-Interfaces using C#.



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